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TQ OMEGA Plus frying oil was introduced to the Fish and Chip market in May 2016 after many months of trial and development to produce an oil that specifically countered some of the problems that were being found with groundnut and other liquid oils.

There were a lot of intermittent quality problems manifesting in the oils breaking down too soon, going dark and foaming after little use, not to mention the exorbitant cost of groundnut oil.

A number of different specifications and permutations were tried over time eventually leading to the TQ Omega Plus frying oil that is used today.  An oil with all of the good qualities magnified – a highly stable, good quality frying medium with no odour and none of breaking down or going dark with little use. 

As well as being a superior product to other liquid oils its long life means that it also costs less over all whilst also producing a superior end product for the fish and chip shop.

In addition users of solid oils have seen advantages to switching over even going as far as commenting on how much less clogged ducting and filters are after using TQ Omega Plus frying oil for a period.  It being longer lasting and easier to add to pans being pourable.


TQ OMEGA Plus lasts far longer than rapeseed oil and can cost less.

- LONGEVITY:  ‘Rancimat (longevity test in hours) :  Rapeseed oil – 4 hours v TQ OMEGA Plus – 11 hours.

- COST:  Lasting so much longer before needing changing it is possible to almost halve your oil costs.  This is compared to a typical rapeseed price.  If in doubt contact us for a trial.

- QUALITY:  Extremely consistent. None of the going dark and breaking down issues that some rapeseed can have after a relatively short period.

- SMELL: TQ OMEGA Plus no odour unlike rapeseed which develops a used oil smell.



TQ OMEGA Plus lasts far longer and costs much less.

Some groundnut oil can breakdown very quickly but TQ OMEGA Plusoil lasts far longer than even the best/’stable’ groundnut.   ‘Rancimat (longevity test in hours)
Groundnut – 5 hours v TQ OMEGA Plus – 11 hours.

No allergen declaration required.

Quality – Extremely consistent. None of the foaming, frothing going dark and breaking down issues that some groundnut has.

TQ OMEGA Plus is also a liquid oil but will not set solid in extreme cold temperatures.


Allows reduction of saturated fat levels

Similar but better fatty acid profile than olive oil

High in mono-unsaturates (decreases blood cholesterol v saturates)

Low in saturates (which increase blood cholesterol)

Also high in Omega 9 (healthy, similar to olive oil)

Virtually trans fat free

Non hydrogenated


Compared to rapeseed oil, TQ OMEGA Plus can last three times longer and so although more expensive per drum, far less is used and so costs can halve compared to rapeseed oil.


- A neutral flavour – that does not compromise the real natural taste of the food.    

- Banish that cooking oil smell – from your shop. TQ OMEGA Plus has no odour unlike traditional ‘veg’ or rapeseed oil.

- Increased stability and longer life

– Up to 3x longer fry life

– Less polymerisation and build-up for cleaner fryers & ducting

– Less frequent oil changes saving labour, downtime and chemical cost

– SPACE – Less oil used takes up less space and less space for waste oil as well



Omega Plus is a registered product unique to T. Quality.

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