14 Jul

Say Hello To New Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar



Great Britain became the first market in the world to sell Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, a reformulated and rebranded version of Coke Zero.

The company is backing the launch with a huge £10 million marketing campaign fronted by popstar Rita Ora.


Marketing director Bobby Brittain, said there was “absolutely nothing” wrong with Coke Zero and that it had marked almost consistent sales growth in the UK since it launched in 2006.

Brittain thinks Coke Zero Sugar will perform far better — partly because 50% of people don’t know Coke Zero doesn’t contain any sugar — and he believes the new brand will perfectly complement traditional, “red” Coke.

“We’re using Coke very much as the gold standard, the red standard. We’re paying Coke the ultimate compliment because we are saying it tastes more like Coke, looks more like Coke, and we’re always using Coke as the point of comparison,” Brittain said.

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar will be available from all our depots from 1st August 2016. Call 08452 505605 to find out more about the exciting deals on offer.