At T. Quality, our aims are not only to meet the requirements of fish and chip shop customers with their wholesale fish requirements but to exceed their expectations. With a strong focus on quality, service, availability and sustainability, our range of competitively priced wholesale fish includes FAS fish (block) and IQF fish products and mark T. Quality as a leader in its field as the national fish and chip shop suppliers. Our commitment to the customer and level of expertise running through the organisation is unrivalled in the market place.

Essentially, we pride ourselves on delivering the right product at the right price, when and where our customers require it.

T. Quality have developed strong relationships over many years with trawler owners, skippers and crews to enable us to deliver the quality of product that our customers need.

Our wholesale fish procurement team is in regular contact with trawlers to get the latest catch reports. They also fly regularly to Iceland, Norway and Germany to see firsthand the job being done. Naturally, our search for the finest quality fish brings us into contact with the best companies around the world.

Not only do we provide the best quality Frozen at Sea fish (FAS fish) to the Fish Fryer, we also stock an impressive range of IQF fish be it IQF Cod, IQF Haddock and IQF Plaice. Whether it's Skin On, Skin Less or Skin Less and Bone Less you are looking for, we are sure to have the perfect product to meet your requirements. The origin of our IQF fish is the cold Icelandic waters to the North Atlantic territories to the fishing grounds around the Faroe Islands. We keep in close communication with the producers to ensure the highest level of quality at all times. Periodically through the year, we stock a range of Frozen at Sea (FAS) IQF fish. This combines the superb qualities of block fish with the convenience of IQF fish, enabling the customer to run a rapid turnover operation without any compromise on quality.

Our Sales Centre's will always have the latest news on stocks, forthcoming landings, product specifications and of course our current market prices.

Sustainability and Business Ethics
With today's environmental concerns, T. Quality, as one of the largest wholesalers of fish, takes it's role of responsible procurement very seriously. Below are our principle philosophies:

T. Quality will never knowingly procure or wholesale fish which has been caught or landed illegally.

Partner Selection
T. Quality will only form commercial relationships with the most reputable fish importers. If there is any doubt over the integrity of a potential supplier, we will refuse to purchase from them.

T. Quality demands that from 'Sea to Tea', fish should be traceable back to the catchments area, vessel and operator. Each box of fish will clearly show the production date, BBE (best before end) date, and production batch code. Periodically we will perform spot checks on our suppliers to test these procedures.

T. Quality constantly researches the environmental impact of trading fish. We work with Sea Fish Industry Authority, DEFRA and local Universities on an information sharing basis, and strive to re-align our strategy in accordance to any new initiatives.

Procurement ethics
T. Quality maintains the highest codes of conduct for its business and the environment it operates in. We source fish only from those areas that are managed responsibly and promote the message of sustainability directly through our actions. The culture and ethos of the company stands for honesty, ethical business, integrity, responsibility, commitment and accountability.

T. Quality is fully committed to supply fish and chip shops with first class fish, not just for today, but for the generations that follow. The Fish Fryers can be assured that every part of the supply chain is proactively pursuing a greener, ethical and environmentally friendly way forward for the sake of the planet and the longevity of the trade. T.  Quality is at the very heart of this, exercising its considerable voice and facilitating change for the better.

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